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Definitely use an animated gif. Definitely.

Kind of a neat idea: a bookmarklet that adds a color fade to sequential lines of text so that you don’t lose your place in a long paragraph.

When you implement measures to mitigate the effects of the random risks of the world, you’re safer as a result. When you implement measures to reduce the risks from your fellow human beings, the human beings adapt and you get less risk reduction than you’d expect — and you also get more side effects, because we all adapt.

A fascinating read.

The loading screen exists because when the information is returned to the user as quickly as possible, he or she will often perceive it to be less valuable. It’s as if the server didn’t put much effort into really finding a great deal.

This is kind of funny: when you have a big looming project, you’re more likely to do all kinds of other things. So they’ll give you a big looming project. I’d never use this, but I don’t have a big procrastination problem.

UFOs explained:

“At this time, no one believed manned flight was possible above 60,000 feet, so no one expected to see an object so high in the sky,” note authors Gregory Pedlow and Donald Welzenbach.

In college, I took four months to study abroad at the University of Sussex in the UK. It was a magical chapter in my life, which is probably what you’ll hear about study abroad from any student who was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do it. In many ways it felt like not just a different chapter in my life, but a different life altogether.

When it was time to go home, I wanted to make sure I took a piece of that life with me. So I decided to take the ubiquitous British “cheers” — thanks, goodbye, whatever — and attach it to the bottom of my emails. Every single email I have sent since I returned from England in 2005 has ended with “Cheers, -J” (or some variant of my name).

At the time, I didn’t see many other people closing their emails that way. But after leaving college and taking my first job, it didn’t take long for my boss, and then co-workers, to switch from “Thanks” to “Cheers” at the bottom of emails. Now I see it on emails that come my way from people I’ve never emailed before.

I’m not saying I started it. But every time I see it at the bottom of an email, it makes me smile.

– J

My six month old son Julian has started to take an interest in all the big-person “toys” he sees us use: the iPhone, practically everything in the kitchen, and of course the computer.

So I opened a text document and let him reach for the Keyboard. The result is below. Love that the first letter is “J.”

I have always felt that morning people are insufferable. Today I realized that when I must be woken up, I find people insufferable. There’s a difference.

Over the past two or three weeks, my wife and I are starting to see the first signs of a reliable pattern in our lives since our son Julian was born six months ago. We’ve established a bedtime between eight and nine o clock at night, and mercifully, Julian has decided that “morning” begins at eight in the morning.

As many with kids already know, however, this means that if my wife and I want to do anything we have to do it after 8pm and before 8am, including sleep.

And so it is that for the past week we’ve been trying to get up in the morning before Julian. People are still insufferable, but I sure can get a lot done in an hour. I can see the appeal.

The next step is teaching myself to go to sleep in less than 45 minutes, and before eleven.

  1. At the grocery store, people check out in waves; there are no lines, and occasionally there are long lines. Ask any grocery checker if you don’t believe me.
  2. How food brands take over from nowhere. In Seattle, four years ago who ever heard of Boar’s Head meats? And a year ago who had heard of “Dave’s Killer Bread.” Now try to find a place without them.